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Goals of the World Slavic Congress

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What is the purpose and what are the goals of the World Slavic Congress (WSC). WSC is not against anybody, we recognize every nation, every racial, religious, cultural or linguistic group their rights, and their right for equality.

WSC is not against any group, is is only pro-Slavic, defending the rights of all Slavic peoples, promoting Slavic culture and Slavic pride, promoting Slavic businesses and economies. The only things we are against is antislavicism and other forms of discrimination against any group.

We organize Slavic peoples against anybody in the world who attempts to discriminate against us, harm our cultures, our families, our economies or in any other way go against us. The Slavic peoples are the largest cultural and linguistic group in Europe, yet they are being treated by the rest of the Europe with disdain and they are being denied their rightful place in European and World affairs. This untollerable oppression and exploitation of the Slavic people in Europe and in the rest of the world just has to end.

World Slavic Congress forms a united front against any and all attempts to oppress or exploit Slavic people anywhere in the world. United we stand, divided we fall.


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The official website of the radical wing of the World Slavic Congress
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