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Examples of Pharma Weapons

Exaples of Pharma Warfare and Pharma Weapons being used agaist Slavic Nations: Carcenogenic drugs and agents being normally used in cancer research. These have been administered to Slavic leaders, intellectuals, businessmen and politicians in order to kill them in a "quiet" fashion without political uprisings and without the awareness of the Defence forces of Slavic Nations. This way the enemies of the Slavic peoples are able to manipulate elections, control and destroy the Slavic economies,  exploit the Slavic working people, deny the Slavic peoples their rightful place in the World.

Apart from carcinogens other Pharma weapons in use Against Slavic leaders are those that cause Diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, internal hemmorhages and other seemingly "normal" diseases. Every death of a Slavic political or business leader, of a Slavic judge, lawyer, doctor or politician has to be viewed as suspect and investigated. The hidden war against all Slavic peoples continues day and night, while we sleep in a false believe that others love us and want to help us. Why have the Slavic economies suffered while other economies have boomed? Why are the death rates in Slavic nations steadily increasing? Who is responsible for the killings of Slavic peoples, intellectuals and business leaders?

Prime suspects.

Who are the prime suspects waging a hidden Pharma-War against Slavic peoples? Perhaps the ones you would suspect the least. But that's the way it is with all enemies. Let us think who are the "natural" enemies of Slavic peoples? Who had waged an open war to the end against all Slavic peoples? The German fascists. But the German fascists were only puppets controlled by master-minds hiding in the "safety" of Switzerland. The real criminals, the fascist mastermins of the massive holocaust of Slavic peoples during the 2nd World War have survived and their ideas and goals continue living in Switzerland.
UNFORTUNATELY during the 2nd World War Switzerland had not been bombed, and the most important criminal masterminds behind the German Fascist crimes and behind the crimes against the Slavic Nations had survived and their followers and "philosophies" still live in Switzerland.

Fascism Lives!

No, unfortunately this is no joke. Fascism, has survived the second world war, and almost unchanged lives in Switzerland. The only thing the Swiss-Germans have changed about fascism is its name. Everythin else remains the same. So They don't call it "Fascism" anymore, they call it "Fremdenhass". Litterally translated "Fremdenhass" means the hatred of everything foreign, but in Switzerland it is the hatred of everything Slavic, and the hatred of the Slavic peoples because they won the war, destroyed the Third Reich and killed the Swiss national hero, Adolf Hitler.

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The legacy of Colin Powell.

Who is and who was Colin Powell? He is a US general, US secrerary of state, liar, and the architect of the coup d'etat in Georgia (Tbilisi) and in the Ukaine. As a military man he knew he could not defeat the Russian and the Ukrainian armies, but he knew that he could find, train, and bribe ex-communist corrupt politicians to become his puppets and to form puppet governments which would do whatever ordered by their US overlords. Unfortunately Russian and Chinese leaders don't really understand the US political system and the methods used by the US regime to control and manipulate governments around the World. First of all, one has to realize that the US doesn't have a multiparty or two party political system but that is has a one-party political system with less political freedom than ever was in Stalinist Russia or in Maoist China. In order to deceive the US and the international public the one US party, the Demo-Republican party is theatrically sub-divided into two half-parties, "the Democrats" and "the Republicans", which in a theatrical way "fight" against each other in order to deceive and to persuade the US public that there is "political freedom". The massive amounts of money being spent on this political theatre, make the "political eleciton" more credible and more believable to the majority of the naive US voters. The power of persuasion of this grandiose political theatre is such that even some of the best educated US citizens are overwhelmed by it and believe it. Then the US regime turns around and infiltrates truly democratic countries around the world, abusing the fact that true democracies and their voters are highly susceptible to manipulation, and infiltration by external agents. In this way they had invested hundreds of millions of dollars into Yushchenko (and into other puppet politicians) to conquer and subjugate various free, democratic and independent countries. In countries of ex-soviet bloc they try to misuse the remaining anti-communist sentiment and manipulate that the independent and free pro-national politicians are in some way controlled and manipulated by Russia. This propaganda serves to better mask and hide their own plans and their installation of puppet regimes. When their puppets lose in the election, they have a well trained army of paid professional protesters in civilian clothes which are in a moments notice ready to demonstrate for the US-supported puppets. These paid professional protesters inspire other not-paid (naive) protesters to join in the protest actions and create some kind of staged "revolution". Rose revolution, Orange revolution, Yellow revolution, etc. Ukraine and Jushchenko was the biggest success of these kind of policies, and the biggest military success of general Colin Powell and his secret war against democracies. The importance of this coup d'etat for the US and for Colin Powell personally is proven by the fact that the US senate has intentionally delayed the approval of and the inauguration of his pre-determined successor Condoleezza Rice. Why? The US senate wanted to give Mr Colin Powell the chance to participate in the inauguration of his puppet Mr Yushchenko in the Ukraine. It has been well known that Powell desperately wanted to be present in this inauguration, but the delay caused by appeal of the independent presidential candidate Yanukovich has forced Colin Powell to ask the US Senate to delay the approval and inauguration of Condoleezza Rice so he could personally bask in his military triumph in the Ukraine and personally congratulate his puppet Yushchenko.Why is Colin liar? Even after if became a common public knowledge and after it was proven that he had meddled in the Ukrainian elections and politics, he had publicly denied it.

The Secret War against Slavic Peoples

There was the Hot War, then there was the Cold War, and now there is the Secret War.  All of the wars being directed against the Slavic People, to fulfill the ambitions of the inhabitants of Western Europe to "Push East" (Drang nach Osten). The Western European ambitions to expand eastward have always been at the expense of the Slavic Nations. The Slavic nations have been viewed by their European neighbours as being in their way, as being in the way of their ambitions to expand eastward.

svoboda01.jpg (16555 Byte)The Hot War, was a very obvious and a very open attempt to destroy, once and forever, the Slavic Nations, to exterminate them in gas chambers, concetration camps and on the battlefield, or to destroy their cultures and to Germanize them. In one way the German Nazis were honest: in their open hatred of the Slavic peoples, and in their open and openly declared attempt to exterminate them. All of them.

After the Slavic Nations have successfully defended themselves (with huge losses) against the German Nazi holocaust, and after they survived, there came the second wave of aggression against the Slavic Nations. Disguised as fight against Communism, the West could once again continue (quite openly) with their hatred of and aggression against the Slavic Peoples.

The end of the Cold War and the "democratization" of the Slavic nations including the opening of their borders, opened the way for a new type of warfare against the Slavic Peoples: The Secret War.

The Secret War and its Weapons

It is no accident that after 1989 and after the opening of the borders the death rates in the Slavic nations, especially in Russia had experienced a drastic increase. Why is that? Why are suddenly people, especially the key people and key nationalists in Slavic countries dying at such unprecedented rates?

Apart from chemical warfare, biological warfare, one of the weapons developed during the cold war were phama weapons. Pharma warfare, and pharma weapons are the hidden tools of the secret war and genocide of the Slavic peoples going on after 1989. The increased death rates and declining life spans in the Slavic countries are an evidence of the Secret War (with the use of Pharma Warfare and Pharma weapons) against the Slavic nations and peoples after the opening of their borders.

How are the Slavic nationalists, scientists, doctors, lawyers and politicians being killed off with pharma weapons in the secret war against the Slavic people's after 1989? What are pharma weapons?

ruka60.gif (1393 bytes)Pharma weapons are weapons developed to kill people by mimmicking natural diseases. They are designed to remain unnoticed and hidden. Most of the pharma weapons don't kill instantly, but are designed to kill days, weeks, months or even years later. Long after the murderer(s) have disappeared, and long after the evidence of their crime is no longer there. So for example there are weapons that cause cancer and cancer death within months after they have been administered (in food or by injection). And no one ever suspects the real cause of the cancer nor the criminal responsible. There are other weapons causing acute diabetes, and the health problems and shorter life spans associated with it. Still other weapons cause brain hemmorhages, multilple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, etc, etc. For almost every natural disease their is a pharma weapon which causes or accelerates that disease. Secret agents, with no visible weapons, with only pills, needles, drops or powders can move easily in any Slavic population and select their targets. Their victims, carefully selected, die just as predictably and just as certainly as if killed with a gun or a bomb. Only with much less noise, and without being noticed and without looking for the executioner.


ruka60.gif (1393 bytes)Why only Slavic people are ever accused of crimes against humanity by the Council of Europe? To this date only the leaders of Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and lately even the leaders of Russia have been accused of such crimes. The reasons for that are clear. The council of Europe claims to represent all the peoples of Europe, but ethnic mainstream Slavic peoples are almost entirely absent. There might be some members of the Council of Europe who have at one time or another live in some Slavic countries, but as a rule these are NOT ethnic Slavic people, and they don't understand the Slavic cultures and religions. That's why the minority of Europeans is trying to rule the Slavic majority. We are nobody's "niggers", we have rights too, and we demand those rights. While the Council of Europe pretends to be the center of justice, it is in fact the center of European Apartheid, where a non-Slavic minority decides and judges the Slavic majority. The Council of Europe has to become representative of the Cultures and religions of all of Europe, including the Slavic peoples. We will no longer tolerate antislavicism and anti-slavic apartheid of the Council of Europe!

How much money owes Switzerland to Slavic nations?

How much money owes Germany to Slavic nations?

The Role of Slavic Webmasters

Common Language. Do you speak Slavya?

Links to Slavic Pages
Here you can find some of the most important web sites either in the various slavic countries or in the diaspora. The pages are either in Slavic languages or in other languages, such as English.

Antislavicism of the Council of Europe

ruka60.gif (1393 bytes)The Council of Europe, Europe's "highest" human rights office is clearly not representative of the people's of Europe. Who selects the judges and officials working in the Council? Do the Slavic nations have any say? Are the Slavic nations and religions represented according to their numbers? Obviously not. This is a prime example of a minority (religious and national)  attempting to rule(and control) a majority. That's why they only look for human rights violations in Slavic nations, and that's why only Slavic officials have ever been accused of such violations, while more brutal violations against Slavic people's in the West-European coutries are silently tolerated, or even encouraged.

ruka60.gif (1393 bytes)So for example Swiss-German officials, just like their counterparts in Nazi Germany, have been (and still are) taking away children from Slavic parents, preventing contact of those children with their parents and cultures and turning those children against their parents and against their Slavic roots. The Swiss people, especially the Swiss-German people, still  believe in their superiority to all other people's of the world, especially to all Slavic peoples. They believe it to be their right to discriminate against Slavic people, to take away their children, to Germanize their children and to committ a multitude of other atrocities against Slavic peoples. These atrocities, including genocide of Slavic peoples (by taking their children) go unnoticed and ignored by the Council of Europe. This silence of the Council of Europe over atrocities committed against Slavic peoples on one hand, and their over-reaction to any possible human rights violations from Slavic officials on the other hand, proves their antislavicism. It is a direct result of Slavic underrepresentation in the important decision making and selection processes of the Council of Europe.

By proportionate representation we mean that Slavic people, directly, should be proportionately represented in the Council of Europe and represent the Slavic peoples. The representation of the Slavic peoples should not be left up to   members of various non-representative minorities residing in Slavic countries.

How can the Slavic Peoples defend themselves against Pharma Warfare?

ruka60.gif (1393 bytes)Pharma Warfare because of  its hidden and secretive nature, and because of  its mimmicking of natural diseases is the most difficult type of warfare to defend against. How do the United States defend themselves against Pharma Weapons of other nations? Not many know that, but the main line of defence of the U.S. is the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta. By keeping careful and very strict statistics of all deaths, and correlating those deaths with age, race, sex, religion, occupation, sexual preferences and other factors, the Center is able to detect wheather or not some foreing powers or agents are active within the United States and killing off Americans with Pharma Weapons. This Center is run in a military fashion, and has extremely strict data collection regulations. Violations of these regulations are punished in a military, court-martial manner.

Genocide of Slavic people in Switzerland.

ruka60.gif (1393 bytes)Blatantly ignoring all international agreements and laws, Switzerland routinely performs Genocide of Slavic peoples in Switzerland. According to U.N. definition genocide means not only the killing of ethnic minorities in gas chambers of in killing fields, but also the removal of children from ethnic minorities and their placement with Swiss-German people. In Switzerland it is a daily occurence that the children of Slavic parents are taken away, denied contact with their Slavic parents, denied contact with their Slavic cultures, and placed into Swiss-German families, Swiss-Germans schools and institutions, and taught hatred and disdain of their Slavic roots and of their Slavic parents. This is GENOCIDE by all international definitions, but the Council of Europe simply looks the other way.

Who has started the wars in Yugoslavia?

ruka60.gif (1393 bytes)All the Slavic peoples of former Yugoslavia had been stereotyped and portrayed in international media as violent lawless peoples. This stereotyping includes the Croatians, Bosnians and most of all the Serbs. But who has really started the wars between various slavic nations of the Balkan peninsula? As the Romans have well known the best way to rule a people is to divide them, to create internal conflicts. All the internal conflicts arising in several Slavic nations have in reality external roots, have been started by external powers, enemies of Slavic peoples. The formula is simple. Send a squad of foreign agenst into Croatia, kill a dozen or so people and call a radio station or a newspaper and say that it is the work of Serb nationalists. Then a few days later, send the same squad of professional killers into Serbia, kill the same number of (or more of Serbs) and call the media again and declare that it was done by the Croatians to revenge the killings of a few days earlier. After that the emotions on both sides get into motion so that no-one can stop them anymore. The foreign agents pull out, take a well paid vacations in Polynesia or some other tropical paradise, while the Croatians, the Serbs, the Bosnians keep killing each other to revenge the "killings" of the other side. After enough people have been killed then the same foreing powers send in "peace keepers" and accuse Slavic leaders on both sides of crimes against humanity. This way both sides lose their leaders, their industries, their leading politicians, and now the second wave of agents moves in. They go on buying up the media and brainwashing the Slavic public with their own lies. After the wars they had started it is easy (and cheap) to buy anything they want.

This is how the southern Slavic nations have been turned into fighting each other, while others profited. The same scenario had been tried in Czecho-Slovakia. Fortunately, the Czech and Slovak leaders had decided early enough to break up the country on their own, before the foreing agents would do it for them, in the same violent fashion as was done in Yugoslavia.


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