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Swiss debts to Slavic nations.

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1. During WW2 Switzerland had knowingly accepted from Nazi Germany gold melted from the teeth of concentration camp victims. While the majority of the concentration camp victims were of Slavic origin the Swiss have to pay the Slavic nations back the worth of the gold, plus interest.

The World Slavic Congress as the representative organization of all Slavic nations demands that the money (around 45 billion U.S. Dollars) be paid to the World Slavic Congress, which will distribute the money (though participating webmasters in all Slavic countries) to the descendands of the victims.

2. Furthermore, during WW2 many slavic people who have had money deposited in Swiss bank accounts perished, and because often their closest relatives perished with them, the knowledge of these accounts belonging to Slavic people had perished with them. Recently the Swiss banks have been caught red-handed burning the bank records in order to deny repayment of these funds in the "lost" bank account to the families of the victims.

We demand that the money illegally and immorally confiscated and stolen by Swiss banks from Slavi peoples be returned. We demand that the money be returned to the World Slavic Congress who will distribute the funds to the families and to rightful inheritors of owners of these accounts.  We estimate that the funds owed by Swiss banks to the Slavic peoples are around 25 billion U.S. Dollars.

3. Switzerland had been for at least the last 100 years and still is to this day actively taking away children from Slavic parents and forcefuly germanizing them. This is by all international norms and definitions genocide. The damage done to the Slavic nations, to Slavic parents, to Slavic families, to Slavic peoples by the Swiss over the years amounts to at least 155 billion U.S. Dollars.

4. Swiss pharmaceutical concerns centered in Basel Switzerland are the prime suspect guilty of manufacturing Pharma-Weapons being used against Slavic peoples. The damages done to the Slavic peoples cannot be estimated at this time.

To sum it up, Switzerland and its banks owe to the World Slavic Congress and to Slavic peoples at least 215 billion U.S. Dollars.

Will Switzerland pay up?

ruka60.gif (1393 bytes)No, not voluntarily. Then how do we make Switzerland pay its debts to the Slavic nations? Exactly the same way others have been doing it and are doing it. And we have to continue until they pay up. Here are some of the main points:

1. Active anti-Swiss campaign in all media, including the internet media.

2. Active campaign against all Swiss products and services. Including machinery, banking, airlines, pharmaceuticals, Swiss red cross, etc.

3. Demonstrations in front of Swiss embassies and other Swiss offices, exhibits, businesses.

4. Boycott of all Swiss products, services and tourism.

5. Any other way you can think of. But most important point being that we have to remain united, and attack Switzerland as a united front, and not individually. As a united front we have to attack under the name of the World Slavic Congress, and whenever possible display the flag of the World Slavic Congress and not individual flags.

Swiss Crimes against humanity.

ruka60.gif (1393 bytes)The systematic genocide and antislavicism of the Swiss courts and of all Swiss institutions is a crime against humanity. We demand the prosecution of all those guilty of these crimes against humanity aimed against all Slavic peoples. Especially we demand the prosecution of Adolf Oggi and of other Swiss Federal Councillors. Apart from that we demand the prosecution of all Swiss judges and other officials guilty of these crimes. We demand that the international court in Hague, the United Nations, the Council of Europe stop their antislavicism, and treat crimes against slavic peoples with the same seriousness they have been treating crimes against others.

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